As the corporate world is continuously evolving, it is necessary for interior and industrial design to adapt to fit the needs of the modern day employee. With companies focusing on providing a multitude of work environments for their staff, design of corporate interiors must accommodate these desires by bringing workers out of their cubicles and desks and into comfortable, collaborative spaces. A huge surge in technological advancement in the workplace is also forcing industrial designers to incorporate electric and telecommunicating components in furnishings. As interiors and industrial design is ever changing to meet these needs, it is essential for designers to stay up to date with the newest advancements in the industry. Luckily the largest commercial interior trade show, NeoCon, is hosted every year at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago, and we are grateful to take the opportunity to check out the newest products on the market.

Here are just a few of our findings that truly encompass the evolution of the workplace:


Haworth – Openest seating and partitions.


Coalesse – Lagunitas seating, partitions, and power.

Herman Miller_Public Office Landscape

Herman Miller – Public Office Landscape.

Kimball - Interactive Table

Kimball Office – Interactive Table and Villa Seating.


DIRTT Walls with integrated technology.

As well as perusing the showrooms at the Mart for NeoCon, there were several keynote speeches and continuing education courses we were able to attend. The presentation by Studio O+A principals Primo Orpilla, Verda Alexander, and Denise Cherry was a wonderful compliment to viewing the latest advancements in office furniture. Listening to the innovative ideas behind a firm that specializes in designing for start-ups in Silicon Valley was great insight into the technological world of commercial interior design

Other highlights of the show included hearing the visionary Todd Bracher speak about his incredible work and getting a glimpse into the world of supertalls as presented by Adrian Smith. Of course the various showroom parties and events such as dinner at Little Goat hosted by Cambria, and the Hospitality Design Magazine’s event at the Thompson Hotel are always fun to attend.

We’re excited to see how we’ll be incorporating our findings at NeoCon throughout our designs this year.