When approached with the task of creating a cozy environment in the front room of the house for a fun, fashionable client, we were delighted to help update the room while making it a very comfortable space. In order to accomplish this, we introduced soft textiles and warm colors into the room. Our client requested a sofa she could cozy up in and read a book, so we sourced one that was very plush and added extra pillows of varying textures. Additional soft surfaces are incorporated in the chenille wallcovering and sheepskin rug. We also changed the color pallet from green, tan, and red to warm taupes and other light neutrals. Brass and gold accents provide added warmth to the space. The ecological moss art introduces a calm botanical feeling in the room. Overall the finished product exuded comfort in an elegant and posh way.

Posh Parlor

posh parlor 5

posh parlor 2

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